MobilePay PoS

Developer Documentation

Input and Output Formats

This page gives an overview of the format and length restrictions for all input parameters used in the PoS V10 API.

HTTP Headers

For more information about the http headers, see API principles.

Name Format Description
x-ibm-client-id Guid Identifies an application created through MobilePay Developer Portal.
x-mobilepay-merchant-vat-number Valid VAT number:
Example: DK12345678
Identifies the merchant the integrator is calling on behalf of
x-mobilepay-client-system-version Valid Client-Version:
Example: 1.2.1
Identifies the version of the integrator system calling the API.
x-mobilepay-idempotency-key String with at most 36 valid characters Used to allow calls to be safely retried in case of errors.


For more information about brands, see PoS Management.

Name Format Description
merchantBrandId MPPOSXXXXX
Identifies a Brand in MobilePay.
brandName String The name of the brand.


For more information about stores, see PoS Management.

Name Format Description
storeId Guid Identifies a Store in MobilePay.
merchantLocationId String with exactly 5 valid characters MobilePay location ID.

Together with a merchantBrandId, this identifies a Store in MobilePay.


For more information about a PoS, see PoS Management.

Name Format Description
posId Guid Identifies a PoS in MobilePay.
merchantPosId String with at most 36 valid characters Merchant defined PoS ID.

There can be at most one active PoS with a given merchantPosId for a given integrator and merchant.
posName String with at most 36 valid characters Merchant defined PoS name.

The name is visible in the app, after the customer has checked in on the PoS.
callbackAlias String with at most 36 valid characters Only for clients that use the notification service to detect MobilePay payments. The callbackAlias is a key that identifies which notification endpoint to call for the given PoS.
beaconId A GUID or 15 digits ID of the Beacon.

In case of physical device such as the MobilePay WhiteBox or a terminal the beaconId is a 15 digit string.

In case of no physical device (QR) the beaconId is not provided during PoS creation. MobilePay will generate a string containing a random GUID as the beaconId.
requirePaymentBeforeCheckin Boolean When set to true, a user will not be allowed to check-in before a payment is created on this PoS. See Preventing checkin before payment.
supportedBeaconTypes QR / NFC / Bluetooth Beacon broadcast type.

Identifies an option for how a customer can check in on a PoS.

During the creation of a PoS, a list of Beacon Types has to be provided.


For more information about payments, see Payment Flows.

Name Format Description
paymentId GUID MobilePay defined Payment ID.
orderId String with at most 36 valid characters Merchant defined payment order ID.

There is no uniqueness requirement for the orderId, but it is highly recommended to use unique order IDs.
amount Valid positive amount Total amount of the payment.
currencyCode DKK / EUR Currency code for the currency of the payment.
merchantPaymentLabel String with at most 36 valid characters Label for the payment.

This is a way for the merchant to tag a payment with a label that will be visible in the transaction reporting section on the MobilePay Portal
plannedCaptureDelay None / LessThan24Hours / LessThan14Days How long time the client expects to wait after receiving a reservation before capturing.

See Specify planned capture delay.
restrictions Json object with one or more parameters A way to define restrictions on how a payment can be completed. See Payment Restrictions for possible restriction parameters

Payment Restrictions

Name Format Description
debitCardDisallowed Boolean When debitCardDisallowed is set to true, debit cards cannot be used for this payment
creditCardDisallowed Boolean When creditCardDisallowed is set to true, credit cards cannot be used for this payment

Valid characters

Valid characters for PoS V10 API request fields are: