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Getting started

In order to implement MobilePay Online you must first obtain an agreement by contacting Once the agreement is signed you will get access to our sandbox environment and can test the API.

Sandbox environment

The MobilePay Sandbox is a self-contained testing environment that mimics the live MobilePay production environment. It provides you the space to play around and test your implementation and the requests you make to the MobilePay API.

Register for the technical integration

Send an email to with the following information:

* Official company name
* VAT number
* Contact person for PCI-DSS AoC
* Business Contact Name
* Business Contact E-mail
* Technical Contact Name
* Technical Contact E-mail
* PSP Homepage
* Expected go live date

The technical contact will recieve an invitation to get started with the integration.

API documentation

Take a look at the API documentation. You'll find it in the APIs menu.


API credentials

In order to make API requests you need a clientId and secret. These will be used in the following headers for all requests:

-H 'x-ibm-client-id: {clientId}'
-H 'x-ibm-client-secret: {clientSecret}'

You retrieve the credentials by making this request:

Create credentials

No body or credentials is required for the request. Response will contain a clientId and secret. Please find the API documentation here. ClientSecret must be stored in a secure location and not be shared externally.

It is also possible to reset clientSecret using the endpoint documented here.


Before your credentials can be used they must be whitelisted. Please send the clientId (NOT the clientSecret) to to be whitelisted.


You must supply two PublicKeys for Card encryption: The RSA public key should be provided as a X.509 SubjectPublicKeyInfo (using ASN.1 DER Encoding) represented in PEM encoding (use PEM file extension). The public key must have a length of 4096 bits. You must clearly state in the file name wich one is for Sandbox and which is for Prod.

Naming template for public key: {integratorname}-{environment}-public

Example for sandprod: company-sandprod-public

Example for production: company-prod-public

Please send the PublicKeys in a ZIP-file. We will register the keys and supply you with a PublicKeyId to be used when initiating payments.


Please note that if a publicKey is unused for 6 month we will delete it. If this happens you must supply a new publicKey.