Checklist for UX 
MobilePay Subscriptions

Checkout and Agreement flow 

(1) Do you present MobilePay buttons in the checkout flow? Link
(2) Do you provide a MobilePay landing page?   Link
(3) Do you provide FAQ for customer payment questions? Link
(4) Do you show the correct MobilePay logo in the checkout flow?
(5) Do you handle user-redirect? Link 
(6) Do you handle cancel-redirect?  Link  (it is important that the Merchant is compliant with our cancel-redirect requirements)
(7) Existing users: can they change existing payment method?
(8) New users: do you present MobilePay as 1st payment method?

Parameters on agreement screen  

(9) Do have correct next_payment_date?
(10) Do you write a descriptive plan?
(11) Do you have a proper usage of external_id?
(12) Do you have appropriate amount?
(13) Do you write a description?

MobilePay recommends that all certified integrators present the above checklist for the merchant that they are managing the solution for, in order to ensure that the merchant has a solution tailored to their needs. 

Subscriptions screens

Ensure you have correct information in the fields below. 

  • Agreement screen
    • The customer can see
      • the product they are paying for
      • next_payment_date
      • frequency of agreement
      • external_id
    • The customer can change 
      • the payment card 
  • Info screen 
    • The customer can 
      • Go to the merchant website
      • Write an e-mail by clickigng on "kundeservice"
      • Read FAQ on Merchant website by clicking on "FAQ"
Configurable Agreement Information
  • Follow the recommendations below on the usage of request parameters for agreements. Read more on GitHub here
  • mobile phone number - enter it in the agreement creation if your website collects customer mobile number, because then it is prefilled on the landing page. It saves buyers time and eliminates the need to enter the mobile number. 
  • plan - ensure it is correctly filled. It is text that will be displayed on the Agreement screen in the app. The purpose is to inform the customer what they are paying for.  
  • external_id - for agreements should be unique. It could be the customer number in your system. Two different agreements should not have the same id. It is visible for the customer in the MobilePay app, so ensure it makes sense for you and your customer.
  • next_payment_date - This will be displayed on the Agreement creation screen and on the Agreement details screen if first payment date > current date. Do not enter information here, if you do not know when the next payment date is, to avoid your customer being confused. 
  • amount - Enter it, if it is not fixed. Note: It is not a required parameter, so you do not need to enter the amount. If you enter it, then it will be displayed for the user in the MobilePay app.
Administrate Subscriptions 

On the MobilePay Portal, you can add and modify the information about Subscriptions product.

  • Name
    • Enter the name of the company.
    • It will be visible in MobilePay app. 
  • Logo
    • Ensure that the logo is a .png with a transparent logo.
    • If it is not transparent, then it will be incorrectly displayed in the MobilePay app. 
  • Hjemmeside (Website)
    • When the user clicks on your logo in the MobilePay app, then this link will be opened.
    • The website should inform about establishing an agreement through Subscriptions. 
  • Selvbetjening (Self-service)  
    • Enter the link to the webpage, where you have placed the MobilePay button for subscriptions payments
  • Link til spørgsmål & svar (FAQ)
    • An FAQ page allows for visitors to find answers to all their questions in one place. 
Visible in the MobilePay app   

It is possible for the Merchant to be visible in the MobilePay app. It can generate more traction to the merchant services.  Once the customer clicks the logo, the customer will be prompted to go to the homepage of the merchant. The logo and link is inserted by the Merchant on

  • The process 
  • If the merchants wants to be visible in the app, you should contact and the team can enable the Merchant in the app 



4.1 Subscriptions Buttons   

Now that you have finished the verification, you can now move on to implementing the correct MobilePay logo and buttons, as a part of the process of going to production. This way you are ensure that you adhere to our Button and Logo guidelines.