MobilePay Subscriptions

Our MobilePay Subscriptions REST api enables you to establish and manage agreements between you, the merchant, and MobilePay users. 

We have built best practices for subscriptions into our defaults — while still giving you full control and flexibility.
Step 1. Getting Started 

To start using our APIs, you need to have an agreement with MobilePay and be invited to the Sandbox environment. Read more about MobilePay Subscriptions and sign up here.

Once you have an agreement you can start integration towards our APIs

Step 2. Test

Test early and test often. It's a great way to identify potential issues with your integration, and it gives you many opportunities to get familiar with the MobilePay APIs. We will provide you with test data, to test in the sandbox environment.

2.1 Callbacks

You get notified about the agreement and payment status via REST callbacks. 

Step 3-4. Verification 

Once you have finished testing in sandbox, you have to go through a small verification process, to ensure that your system is ready for production. The verification is divided into 3) Technical verification 4) UX and checkout verification 

5. Production 

Understanding what happens in the natural course of a subscription helps provide the smoothest experience for both you and your customers.