4.2 Merchant - Landing page 

Dedicated and straight forward landing pages at the Merchant environment increases usage and conversion of MobilePay Subscriptions. Traditionally, customers might associate it to be cumbersome to change payment methods, but a good landing page communicating how easy it is via MobilePay Subscriptions is a good tool to help with this.

Landing page

Merchant should include

  • The most important USP's for Subscriptions
  • Answers this question: how does the customer get started?
  • Provide easy access to an FAQ on payments on the page.
Visble in app 

As a merchant, you have the opportunity to be visible in the MobilePay app. The only thing needed is that you have finished the technical verification here and comply to our UX guidelines. You change the logo and link to your landing page on https://admin.mobilepay.dk/  You need to have a landing page, that MobilePay can link to. Once you have that in place, please write to developer@mobilepay.dk with your request to be visible in the app.  

Examples of landing page

Dedicated landing pages at the Merchant environment increases usage of MobilePay.
The first screenshot shows the logo's in the app, for when you're live.

It is possible for the merchant to have their logo shown within the MobilePay app itself. This makes it visible to all MobilePay users, and it is therefore a great opportunity to generate leads.

Make Sign-Up easy for the user  




There are only a few fields you need to fill out before you get started. All of this makes it easier for you to get to the point: getting the customer to pay with MobilePay Subscriptions.

Going live

Contact the MobilePay API support team at developer@mobilepay.dk when you are ready for production access. You will need to include in your email:

  • Screenshots or a video of your user facing flow.
  • The e-mail we can use to send updates on operational status 
 Step 5. Production   

Now that you have finished the technical and the UX verification, you can now move on to learn more about preparing your MobilePay Subscriptions for production.