Use Cases

You can place our MobilePay button anywhere you meet and engage with your customer:

(1) Self Serve sites - At the merchant side, where the customer has a log-in to merchant website.
(2) E-mail - Sent to the user (once you know how the users is etc)
(3) Website - It is similar to normal E-commerce flow
(4) In-store and/or Phone
Staff creates customer in their own system and chooses MobilePay
MobilePay website opens and asks for the mobilenumber
You ask the customer for the mobilenumber
The customer gets a notification in MobilePay and approves
Note: do not send a text message to the customer. It is experienced as SPAM. If you choose to do so, please communicate clearly that MobilePay is not the sender of the message. It should be clear, which merchant agreement it relates to.  
Reserve & Capture

Key Points

Key Point


One-Off with Auto_reserve

Subscription Payment


reservation is done 

After successful user swipe MobilePay will make an attempt to automatically reserve, without user’s confirmation. After nightly payment execution


does the capture

Merchant  Merchant   MobilePay


capture is done 

When Merchant decided but not later then 14 days after reservation.

Capture is done even if user is blocked after reservation

When Merchant decided but not later then 14 days after reservation.

Capture is done even if user is blocked after reservation

Instantly after payment reservation.

Capture is done even if user is blocked after reservation


reservation is canceled 

 When Merchant decided but not later then 14 days after reservation    No scenario for reservation cancellation


Payment expires

 There is an ability to set expiration_timeout_minutes parameter..  

Min: 1, max: 20160 (2 weeks), default: 1440 (24 hours)

There is an ability to set expiration_timeout_minutes parameter. 

Min: 1, max: 20160 (2 weeks), default: 1440 (24 hours)

 No scenario for expiration
Feature 1 - One-Off  
  • With One-Off, merchants are able to create agreements with an initial payment.
  • One-off also enables merchants to request arbitrary one-off payments on an existing agreement. These must be manually confirmed by the user.

When you create an agreement with One-Off, and the user accepts the agreement, the payment will be processed and executed right away. For further details on One-Off function, please refer to GitHub

The screenshots below illustrate how you connect MobilePay to Subscription and simultaneously pay using our one-off feature.

MobilePay Subscriptions - One-Off Payment

App screen 

User is shown this screen after successfully reviewing agreement details

No amount

No one-off

With Amount

No one-off 

With Amount

With One-off 

It is easy to connect MobilePay to recurring payments
  • Results show that more than 50% of companies new customers prefer MobilePay as a payment method, when MobilePay is an option.  

Subscription Dual Device

Payment Info in the MobilePay App 
  • Approval rate
    • The user has the possibility to decline the payment, but our Best Practice Subscriptions the approval rate is 98%.
    • The approval rate is in general high, but it will vary depending on the business case of the merchant 
  • Notification
    • The MobilePay user will be able to see Payments in the app 1 day before due date. The customer is not notified when the payment is visible in the app. The notifications are managed by the merchants. Merchants can decide whether to show or not show that field. 
    • Subscriptions payments are collected automatically, so there is no need for the customer to swipe.
    • The user will get at notification approx. at 08.30 if we can not process the payment and that he/her can complete the payment manually (by swiping)

MobilePay Subscriptions - Decline a Payment

Subscriptions Flow

1. Subscriptions agreement with One-Off

  • Use case: when the user wants to set up an agreement and you want to charge upfront. I.e. Netflix subscription which starts to be effective from the moment money is paid.

2. Subscription Agreement

  • Use Case: You can use this when you want the first month to be free
  • The amount is not a required parameter. Therefore you can omit it. Do not enter 0.00 in the amount field. It will confuse customers if they are accepting to pay 0 kr. It is better to omit it. 
  • You can read more about it here

3. Subscription Payment

  • Use case: When you need to charge recurring payment
  • The merchant will initiate this payment
  • This will end up within users app 1 day prior Due date
  • The customer does not need to swipe
  • Reserve & Capture is handled by MobilePay. 

4. Existing agreement with One-Off payment

  • Use case: When the customer has an active agreement and wants to order extra services/products
  • The customer initiates this flow 
  • The customer needs to swipe
  • The merchant needs to Capture the payment, otherwise the payment will end up as being expired and will no longer be capturable. 
Dual Device
  • You can allow customers to connect their MobilePay to a Subscription agreement with a Merchant by calling the API with minimum input fields required. You do not need to know the "amount", "next_payment_date" or "mobile_phone_number"
  • The links are used to redirect user from MP app back to merchant web environment 
  • In return of the API call, you will get at link that must be wrapped in a “Pay with MobilePay button”. You find the buttons on our Developer Portal here.  Once customer clicks on the  “Pay with MobilePay button” our landing page determines if the customer is using a mobile device or desktop/tablet.
  • If the customer is using a mobile device, then the MobilePay app opens.  If the customer is using a desktop/tablet, then our MobilePay landing page will have a window for the customer to enter mobile number and generate at notification to the MobilePay app. If the customer already have filled out mobile number at merchants environment you can choose to fill out “mobile_phone_number” then that field fill be prefilled on landing page (so customer does not need to fill in same details twice) 

When the customer accepts in MobilePay (by swiping) you get a unique “agreement_id” back that you must store along with your customer e.g. "fda31b3c-794e-4148-ac00-77b957a7d47f"

Feature - Refund

Full refund - 100% of the amount paid is returned to the payer.
Partial refund - An amount up to the net (the amount the merchant received) will be returned to the payer. Multiple partial refunds can be made.

For further technical specifications on our Refund function, please refer to GitHub

The screenshots below illustrate how a Refund looks from the customers perspective. 

MobilePay Subscriptions - Refund

Step 1: Get Started

Now that you have familiarized yourself with our Subscriptions API, you are now ready to get started.