MobilePay PoS v10

MobilePay is introducing PoS API v10. This is an introduction to get started with the new API version.

Starting the process
  • The first step towards integrating to the PoS v10 is to be invited by - in order to be invited, you need to supply information:
    • Name and VAT (Company Number); 
    • Current integration status: Are you a new or existing MobilePay integrator?
      • if yes - which product have you integrated to?
    •  This will start a process to onboard the integrator in MobilePay and you will receive an invitation to MobilePay Sandbox Developer Portal
MobilePay Sandbox Developer Portal
  • Once you receive the invitation to MobilePay Sandbox Developer portal you must create a user
  • Next you select your accountMy Apps > Create new App to register a new application and receive API credentials (X-IBM-CLIENTID and X-IBM-CLIENTSECRET) IMPORTANT: Please make a note of your Client Secret as you will only see this once!
Security credentials
  • We will send you oauth2 credentials to use in sandbox environemnt and you can start testing the API
Access to production environment
  • You must sign an agreement with new terms and conditions and return to us
  • You will then receive an invitation to MobilePay Production Developer Portal where you must create an app as described above (you will then get a new set of API credentials  to use in production(X-IBM-CLIENTID and X-IBM-CLIENTSECRET))
  • We will send you the security credentials for production. 
  • Go through self-certification to be MobilePay certified 
You are good to go!
GitHub Documentation

​Review our documentation on Github using the link below. Here you find extended technical documentation