MobilePay PoS V8
It is no longer possible to onboard this version of the PoS API. All information found on this page may be outdated. Instead please refer to the newest version PoS API v10
Step 2 - Sandbox Testing 

In this section, you can find information on testing, and our test ressources. To ensure a good user experience, we recommend you to test your solution thoroughly before certification and launch.

Note: no actual payments or reservations are made. Therfore, the transactions will not be visible in the test app activity list. 

Testing PoS  


We have provisioned a TEST environment for integration purposes, located on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service. The environment is the same bits and bytes as the production environment, with a few exceptions:
  • No actual payments and reservations are made. The payment backend have been mocked, and the transactions are kept in Azure storage. This means that transactions won’t be visible in the test app activity list, and no app notifications are sent.
  • Loyalty card system is also mocked, and static loyalty card information is returned when applicable

Audience: The test environment is meant for PoS integrators to be able to test integrations against the MobilePay PoS platform. It is an isolated environment that behaves as in live production, thus enabling PoS integrators to fully test the PoS API and business logic.

Background: The environment is strictly meant for carrying out tests and development tasks towards certification.

The API: The Merchant API in the sandprod environment is identical to the live production API.

MobilePay PoS SandProd Environment

The test app
In order to complete a payment flow in the sandprod environment, a test version of the MobilePay app is available. This version of the MobilePay app is similar to the live version, but only supports payments in the sandprod environment.



Functionality: The app can be used for check-in and PoS payments on the sandprod environment, but the activitylist and other areas of the app are currently unavailable.
Log-in: Please use below test users to log on to the app.

PoS Simulator
Our PoS simulator can be found here:
The API endpoints are available at<version> where <version> is the intended version of the API to work against. All versions (V06, V07and V08) are supported in the sandprod environment.
Generate  a PoS unit QR code
If you do not have a PoS unit (white box) or your solution only supports QR codes, you can generate a QR code for a PoS unit. This can be done via MobilePay QR code generator:
Then use the QR scanning feature in the app to check-in at your newly created PoS unit. In sandprod we will supply you with a unit id, you can use to create the QR code. If you have purchased a white box and want to test it in sandprod, please contact us at and supply the unit id printed on the bottom of the box. We will then make it available in the sandprod environment. 
Test users

When using the test app, you must use a test user to log on. Below you can find a list of user ids for Denmark and Finland. If there is an issue with a test user, please try a different user, or contact us at These test users are only to be used for for MobilePay PoS test. If you need a test user for a different product please visit the relevant product pages for more information or contact us at

 Important: Below users are shared amongst all PoS integrators and receipts for all test transactions are visible in the activity list. Please note that the PoS name (defined in CreatePosRequest) is visible on the receipt. Therefore do not include any sensitive or confidential data in the PoS name.

Phone number PIN code Activation code
 +45 22196337 1234 123456
 +45 49008956 1234 123456
+45 13479289 1234 123456
+45 35930194 1234 123456

Phone number PIN code Activation code
+358 65314462 1234 123456
+358 36464982 1234 123456
+358 35946887 1234 123456
+358 63097635 1234 123456
+358 62207217 1234 123456
PoS/PoSUnit Administration & Support 

The PoS Administration sequence must be completed before a MobilePay payment or reservation request can be issued by the PoS device. This administration must be done either through Merchant Backend for all PoS devices or via the individual PoS device as needs arise depended on the integrator backend solution. The relation between Merchant Identifier, Location Identifier, PoS Identifier and PoSUnit Identifier must be held by MobilePay Backend.

Find the technical documentation for each method on GitHub

PoS administration consists of four main areas and the methods that can be called for each area

PoS/PoSUnit Administration & Support - Methods and description
Method name Description
RegisterPoS Register a new PoS (cash register / terminal). This must be done before PoSUnit ID is associated with a registered PoS.
UpdateRegisteredPoSName Update a registered PoS (cash register / terminal) name.  
UnRegisterPoS Unregister a registered PoS (cash register / terminal).
AssignPoSUnitIdToPoS Assign current PoSUnit ID to PoS (cash register / terminal) .The method AssignPoSUnitIdToPoS must be made before a payment request can be issued the first time.
UnAssignPoSUnitIdToPoS Unassigns current PoSUnitId from associated PoS.
ReadPoSAssignedPoSUnitId Read assigned PoSUnitId for registered PoS.
ReadPoSUnitAssignedPoSId Read PoS ID (cash register / terminal) assigned to current PoSUnit ID
GetUniquePoSId Get a global unique PoS ID.
GetCurrentPayment If there is a payment transaction on the PoSId provided it will return the transaction Info. If there is no payment, it will return with badrequest (400) and JSON “Statuscode”: 10.
GetPosList Returns a list of POS (cash registers) created for the provided MerchantId and LocationId.
GetLocationList Returns a list of Locations for the provided MerchantId
PoS Payments - PoS Reservations

After the PoS Administration sequence has been completed a MobilePay payment or reservation request can be issued by the PoS device. 

For information about the payment flow or the reserve and capture flow, please visit the info page.

Find the technical documentation for each method on GitHub

PoS Payments & PoS Reservations - Methods and description
Method name Description
PaymentStart This method is called when the Point of Sale (cash register/terminal) wishes to start a payment (The customer does not have to be checked-in in advance)
GetPaymentStatus Get a payment status for current PoS ID
PaymentCancel Cancel payment request for current PoS ID
PaymentRefund Refund part of or the entire amount of the payment. 
ReservationStart This method is called when the Point of Sale (cash register/terminal) wishes to start a reservation(The customer does not have to be checked-in in advance)
GetReservationStatus Get a reservation status for current PoS ID
ReservationCancel Cancel reservation request for current PoS ID
GetCurrentReservation Get information about the current reservation
ReservationCapture This method is called when the Point of Sale (cash register/terminal) wishes to Capture the Reservation
Step 3 - Certification PoS

Once your test is completed, you can initiate the certification process. 

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