MobilePay PoS API

MobilePay PoS is a solution for customers to pay through their mobile via a QR code or the white MobilePay box.

 In order to use MobilePay PoS, the checkout system must be online, and the PoS integrator must support MobilePay.  


Let customers pay with their mobile phone via your cash register system, terminal or vending machine. 

(1) Customer checks in to payment terminal, vendig machine or MobilePay box with their mobile phone
(2) Cash register or terminal start MobilePay payment
(3) The amount is shown on customer screen
(4) Customer approves the purchase
(5) Cash register or terminal polls payment status and informs cashier of status
The PoS API supports two flows: the payment flow and reserve/capture flow. If your merchant have an agreement with MobilePay for a loyalty program, you can make it easy for all MobilePay users to take advantage of member benefits. A customerToken will automatically be included for all users with a loyalty card, to get all the benefits every time they pay with MobilePay in PoS.
Payment flows and glossary

Visit our GitHub documentation to find:


GitHub Documentation

​Review our documentation on Github using the link below. Here you find extended technical documentation

Step 1 - Get Started 

What you need to get started with integrating PoS

Step 1