PoS Getting Started

You will be starting off in the Sandbox. Its purpose is to give developers a shielded environment for testing and integration purposes. Sandboxes are isolated from your production organization and give you the possibility to explore the API Platform.

Step 1 - Sign up as PoS integrator

  • Take a look at the API documentation. You'll find it in the APIs menu - Choose PoS for Integrators
  • Please fill out this registration form to start the technical onboarding
  • The technical contact will recieve an invitation to our sandbox developer portal and must activate a user.
    • If you are are new MobilePay PoS integrator and does not yet have a business agreement with MobilePay, your business contact will be contacted in order to sign such.

Step 2 - Create app to get API credentials

  • Go to https://sandbox-developer.mobilepay.dk/user/login and log in with your credentials.
  • Next you select your account > My Apps >Create new App to register a new application. You only need to fill in title. 
    • Naming convention: Please name your app according to the name of your point of sale system.  
    • IMPORTANT: Please make a note of your Client Secret as you will only see this once! You need to supply the x-ibm-client-id and x-ibm-client-secret when calling the User simulation api but is not used for authentication when retreiving tokens. Security credentials will be sent in step 4. 
      Do not reset client-id because this will break your integration. You are free to reset client secret if needed. 

Step 3 - Subscribe to APIs

Once you have created the app please subscribe to these APIs:

  • PoS V10 for integrators
  • Integrator Authentication
  • PoS User Simulation for Integrators
  • PoS V10 for SelfCertification

Step 4 - Receive security credentials

Once you have completede the above steps please contact Developer support to request security credentials . The credentials will be password protected, and you must supply a mobile phone number (including area code) to which we can send the password. We will then supply you with security credentials so you can start calling the API.

Please go to our GitHub documentation to read about authentication

Making the first call - PoS

Once you have gotten tokens, you are ready to make the first call to our PoS API.
The first thing you need to do is call GET/v10/stores which will return a storeId

Make a GET to the endpoint
https://api.sandbox.mobilepay.dk/pos/v10/stores with following headers:

accept: application/json
authorization: Bearer <REPLACE_THIS_VALUE>
correlationid: <REPLACE_THIS_VALUE>
x-ibm-client-id: <REPLACE_THIS_KEY>
x-mobilepay-client-system-version: <REPLACE_THIS_KEY>
x-mobilepay-merchant-vat-number : <VAT number for your test merchant>
authorization Use the access_token retrieved from /token endpoint in Integrator Authentication API. Read more about authentication here.
correlationid A correlation id is a unique identifier value that allow reference to a particular transaction or event chain. It makes it easier for us to trouble shoot if you encounter issues. A GUID is suitable for this. 
x-ibm-client-id You received this when creating your app in the developer portal in step 2. You can find it in the sandbox developer portal under 'My apps'.
x-mobilepay-client-system-version Read about versioning here.
x-mobilepay-merchat-vat-number The vat number for your merchant. In sandbox you will receive a vat number for a test merchant in step 4
If successfull, you will recieve a http 200 OK response including a storeId (GUID). With the storeId you can move on to create a posId.
Step 2 - Test PoS

Once you have received your test credentials, you can start testing the API and integrate PoS. 

Step 2