Step 1 - Getting Started 

This guide is designed to help you get started with MobilePay Online. You'll be starting off in the Sandbox environment. Its purpose is to give developers a shielded environment for testing and integration purposes. 

When you as a PSP wants to be onboarded for the Online solution, you must first have an agreement with MobilePay. Please contact to obtain this. If you are an existing MobilePay Online integrator, please proceed to below check list.

Step 1 - Register

  1. Take a look at the API documentation. You'll find it in the APIs menu.
  2. Please fill out this registration form to start the technical onboarding
  3. The technical contact will recieve an invitation to our sandbox developer portal and must activate a user.

Step 2 - Create app to get API credentials

IMPORTANT: Please make a note of your Client Secret as you will only see this once! You need to supply the x-ibm-client-id and x-ibm-client-secret when calling the api. 

You should always store the Client Secret in a secure location, and never reveal it publicly. If you suspect that the secret key has been compromised, you may reset it immediately by clicking the link on the application details page.

Step 3 - Subscribe to APIs

To implement MobilePay Online, go to APIs and subscribe to the following API:

  • Online

Please note that you will not be able to make request to the API before your app have been whitelisted. Whitelist will happen when we register your publicKey.

Step 4 - Authentication

We will supply you with a secure link where you can upload two PublicKeys for Card encryption: The RSA public key should be provided as a X.509 SubjectPublicKeyInfo (using ASN.1 DER Encoding) represented in PEM encoding (use PEM file extension). The public key must have a length of 4096 bits. You must clearly state in the file name wich one is for Sandbox and which is for Prod.

Naming template for public key: <integratorname>-<environment>-public
Example for sandprod: company-sandprod-public
Example for production: company-prod-public

After the PublicKey has been uploaded on our side we will supply you with a PublicKeyId to be used when initiating payments. 

Step 5 - Call the API

Call the endpoints in the Online API using these headers:

  • header 'x-ibm-client-id: REPLACE_THIS_KEY'
  • header 'x-ibm-client-secret: REPLACE_THIS_KEY'


GitHub Documentation

​Review our documentation on Github using the link below. Here you find extended technical documentation

Step 2. Test

The MobilePay Sandbox is a self-contained, testing environment that mimics the live MobilePay production environment. To ensure a good user experience, we recommend you to test your solution thoroughly before launching. We will provide you with test data, to test in the sandbox environment.