MobilePay Connect 

MobilePay Connect is a single sign-on application, which allows users to share data with other apps or websites through their MobilePay account. Connect is kicking off in January 2018 with selected pilot customers.

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MobilePay Connect - Guidelines 
When implementing the MobilePay Connect button, please make sure you follow the below set of guidelines. 


Log in with MobilePay

The relation between the "Log-in with MobilePay" and the terms and conditions are very important. The Terms and Conditions for using MobilePay Connect must be presented as a checkbox and be checked off by the user before they can proceed in the flow. 


Customer convenience

When a user has decided to use
MobilePay Connect in a
checkout flow, MobilePay
should automatically be
preselected as the payment
method to help provide the most
seamless expereince.


On the web, the Terms and Conditions checkbox and the "Fortsæt med MobilePay" button must be placed next to each other. The button should be in a disabled state until the checkbox is checked off

Unlink your account

If a user decides to discontinue the use of MobilePay Connect in your app or your site, we recommend that you provide them with an option to unlink their MobilePay account from your service and create a new username and password. 

Design guidelines

We want to make it easy for you to ensure that the right MobilePay buttons and logo's are used by the merchants.

Please visit our Design page for more information and ressources. 

We recommend the labels 'Betal med MobilePay' or as a minumum 'MobilePay'. From user testing we have learned that 'Betal med MobilePay' converts best. 

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