How is the user notified about their Subscriptions payment?

The Push Notifications window: 08:30 - 22:00 DK time. The following notifications are relevant to remember: 



Visuals / text 


General Reminder



One day before the due date at 08:30 DK time

Update Card 


Card is expired or about to expire before the due date.


8-1 days before the due date, 08:30

DK: Vi kan ikke gennemføre din betaling - dit betalingskort er udløbet


Daily limit exceeded, increase to NemID





 Din daglige beløbsgrænse er nået - klik her for at forhøje den 

Other issues with Payment card

 Other issues with Payment card, blocked, insufficient funds.

EN: We cannot complete your payment - click here to help us

DK: Vi kan ikke gennemføre din betaling - klik her for at hjælpe os

FI: Maksua ei voida suorittaa – Klikkaa tästä auttaaksesi meitä

Payment in other hiccup state - user can approve manually   

 DK: Vi kan ikke gennemføre din betaling - klik her for at hjælpe os




Agreement disable_notification_management push notification. Merchant can set if their customer should be able to manage push notifications for an agreement or not. If the merchant choses so, then the push notification is not displayed when signing new agreement and when browsing agreement information. This parameter is not required, and the default value is ‘false’ See more