How are the Payment Batches ? how many callbacks do you send?

  • Batch details: a batch request contains of multiple API calls combined into one HTTP request. 
  • Requestpayment endpoint accepts an array of payment requests. Batch is more readily processed than single, individual calls, because single calls results in extra load. 
  • You can batch payment requests into payloads of max 2.000 payments. We allow merchants to bundle multiple payment requests into a single http request.
  • You get an answer on the payments that are executed in the first batch and later in the day, in case there are more payments that are executed.  

Subscriptions Callbacks

We are sending those in two ways:

  1. A batch that runs every 2 mins. It contains subs payment with statuses: Declined/Rejected/Failed/Executed/OneOffExpired. So in theory, there is a possible delay of 2 mins. 
  2. Right after the user made an action. It contains OneOff_Reserved/ OneOff_Rejected

Every two minutes we take up to 1000 events (notifications about payment state), group them by merchant and make the calls. Therefore, as for merchant he should get up to 1 call every two minutes.

We will post the integrator or merchant a callback, and expect a HTTP 2xx response. If not we will retry 8 times.