How do Subscription Payments function?

  • You can send your payments to us max 32 days prior due date and min 8 days prior due date
  • The MobilePay user will be able to see Payments in the app 8 days before due date 
  • If a payment changes status e.g. declined by user, a callback on the specific payment will be made.
  • On due date we process the payments starting from 02:00. If some payments are declined we will then try again approx. every 2 hours up until 23:59.
  • User will get at notification approx. at 08:30 that we can not process payment and that he/she can complete the payment manually (by correcting the error and swipe) 
  • On 23:59 we will decline the transaction and revert back with a callback. 

Subscriptions payments are collected automatically, so there is no need for the customer to swipe.