• Who sets the agreement amount? The merchant decides the amount on each payment request
  • Can the amount vary from month to month? yes it can be variable parameter. Variable costs are costs that vary with output. For example: electricity will vary to a certain extent, depending on how much electricity the customer is using, which is why an electric bill will fluctuate each month. 
  • Where is it shown? The agreement amount will be displayed for the user in the MobilePay app under the agreement screen.
  • How do I update the amount? This is done using the PATCH / api/merchants/me/agreements/{agreementId} endpoint
  • What do you recommend? MobilePay recommends you include the amount, if the customer pays a fixed amount every month. If the merchant use case entails that the customer pays a varied amount, then you can either omit this parameter or patch the amount when/if the customer is paying higher or a lower amount 



Parameter Type Required Description Valid values
amount number(0.00)   Agreement amount, which will be displayed for the user in the MobilePay app. >= 0.00, decimals separated with a dot.