[Release Notes] - Subscriptions API - Payment attachments V2

The purpose of payment attachments V2 is to offer more flexibility for the merchant. With this new functionality you will be able to choose in three different ways, how the attachment will be presented to the user:

  1. External URL. Your own link to the payment document.
  2. Attachment details. Extra payment details.
  3. MobilePay generated PDF. PDF document generated from the attachment details.


Payment attachments are represented in payment/one-off confirmation and receipt screens

MobilePay generated PDF 

Attachment details

Attachment Details   




External URL

+ Attachment details 

External URL

More information in the GitHub Documentation here. 

You can add invoice details to your payment. These will be shown to the user in the MobilePay app. Also we will generate a PDF file that will also be accessible to the user from the MobilePay. All you need to do is attach an invoice object to the property (which is optional) of current payment object.

Value for users:

  • User can see more payment information on payment execution.
  • User can see more payment information after payment is executed, in receipt.
  • User can see purchase details in MobilePay app screens.
  • User can get payment document straight from MobilePay app and save it, share it.
  • User can easily be redirected to merchants environment and review merchant provided payment document.

Value for merchant:

  • Quick way to inform user about payment related details.
  • No need to send emails, mails, etc to the user to deliver invoice or other payment document.
  • MobilePay can generate payment document from merchant provided details.
  • It is included in standard product fees.