Why and when should we update ReservationExpiryTimestamp and RedirectFromMobilePayUrl?

It is mandetory to update ReservationExpiryTimestamp if this changes. RedirectFromMobilePayUrl does not need to be updated but is an option you can use.

  • ReservationExpiryTimestamp: This update can be done after authorization update because the expireTimestamp is initially set on authorization update.  If the expiry of the reservation changes then you must update this ReservationExpiryTimestamp
  • RedirectFromMobilePayUrl : This update can be done after payment initiation and until authorization update or the user rejects the payment. RedirectFromMobilePayUrl  is set on payment initiation and will be used when authorization is successful or user rejects the payment.
    You can initiate the payment with a status-failure RedirectFromMobilePayUrl  and then update this to a status-success RedirectFromMobilePayUrl if the authorization is successful. 

The update is done using: PATCH /api/v1/payments/{paymentId}