How can we register a partner?

If you have a partner that will be utulizing your integration it must be registered as a partner with MobilePay. To do so you must first create an app for this partner in the developer portal:

IMPORTANT: Please make a note of the Client Secret as you will only see this once!  This must be supplied when calling the api. 

Then you contact us at with the following information about your partner:

  • Official company name
  • VAT number
  • ClientId from the developer portal
  • Should the partner be invoiced directly by MobilePay or through you?

You partner will have its own set of credentials but should use your publicKeyId. 

Deleting a partner

If you need to delete a partner please contact us at We will then agree on when the partner should be deleted and we will handle the deletion. Please note that a deleted partner cannot be recreated. If you need to register the partner again it will be a new registration and all merchants must be onboarded for that partner again.