SMS message to user for suspended payment

 SMS message to user for suspended payment 

​MobilePay recently implemented SMS sending to users, in case they have a suspended payment. The purpose of the SMS is to prompt the customer to pay quicker.

Suspended means that the the Merchant could not withdraw the money from the customers payment card or account. There can be various reasons why it can he suspended. If the problem persists, it might be due to 

  • Insufficient funds on the customers card / account
  • The card is expired
  • The card or account is blocked

Suspended is a status internally for MobilePay to mark hiccupped payments, which is why it is not a part of the callback table . You should still see the status failed or executed as the final status   

New Status Condition When to expect Callback status Callback status_text Callback status_code
Executed The payment was successfully executed on the due-date After 03:15 in the morning of the due-date Executed   0
Failed Payment failed to execute during the due-date or at the end of grace period. After 23:59 of the due-date, or the last day of grace period. Failed   50000

failed callback entails that MobilePay has sent push messages and SMS to the user, and the payment still didn’t go through. If you get the callback status failed , we recommend that you contact the user to find the root cause.

SMS are sent at 10:00 in Denmark and at 11:00 in Finland.

Customer Support 

  • We recommend that you inform your support unit, in case users contact your Customer Service asking about this. It's important that Merchant Customer service knows,  that the reason for the SMS is due to status "suspended" and there are issues on user side.  .

If you are an integrator managing Subscriptions on behalf of a merchant, please inform the merchant about this. The merchant needs to know that there a possibility of users asking about this text message.


Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

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