[Update] Refund is available for MobilePay PoS v10

We are pleased to announce that we have launched the Refund feature for POS v10. This means that you will now be able to do refunds through the API.

You can start testing in our SandBox environment straight away. You will be able to create refunds in PROD once you have passed the Refund certification, which consists of only two new test cases.

You can read the Refund documentation in GitHub.

How it works:
To create a refund you make a  POST/v10/refunds/  which will create a refundId. Afterwards you must capture the refund in order to cmplete it POST/v10/refunds/{refundid}/cancel 


Please contact us at developer@mobilepay.dk if you have any questions or concerns.

Common Questions

Can I refund payments made through earlier API verions (v8 or lower)?
-It is only possible to refund payments made through PoS API v10

Where do I find Technical Release Notes for PoS?