[Release Notes] - Subscriptions API - agreement cancellation redirect Url.

 Cancel an agreement in Subscriptions​

​We got feedback from merchants, that in some cases customers were cancelling agreements, when in fact they just wanted to postpone a payment. This is the reason why we have added support for agreement cancellation redirect url.  



This is now possible. Companies that want to offer their customers alternative options for canceling their payment agreement can now ensure that a redirect is made to the company's website, where they can offer various alternative retention options

This is an optional feature.

How is this implemented?

  • For new agreements, use endpoint POST /api/providers/{providerId}/agreements with cancel-redirect link. A new link allows agreement to be cancelled in merchant own environmnet. Merchant should ensure easy access to information and support.
  • For existing agreements: use endpoint PATCH /api/providers/{providerId}/agreements{agreementId}   endpoint to change agreement request parameters

Merchant Self service environment 

  • By making it possible for customers to cancel the agreement in merchants own environment, merchant can get more control of their possible leaving customers.
  • If cancel-redirect is used, then MobilePay redirects customer to merchant environment, and thus making cancelling functionality unavailable for the user in the app. 
  • The cancel-redirect is not mandatory, and merchant can only use cancel-redirect if they have a self-service environment.

If you are an integrator managing Subscriptions on behalf of a merchant, please inform the merchant about this. The merchant needs to know that they can manage the agreement cancelation themselves, if they have a self-service environment.


Please contact us at developer@mobilepay.dk if you have any questions or concerns.

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