How do we set language on MobilePay landing page (redirectToMobilePayUrl)?

The link to MobilePay landing page is received in response to payment initiation as: redirectToMobilePayUrl.

The language of the page is initialy defined by the countryCode of the merchant the payment is initiated on behalf of. Merchant countryCode is defined when creating a merchant with POST /api/v1/merchants 
This setting can be overulled by setting the customerLanguageCode on payment initiation. 
Code can be either DK or FI. If DK the laungage on landing page will be Danish. If FI the language on landing page will be Finnish.

The first time a user visits the landing page a functional cookie will be saved. This cookie defines the language of the page. Next time the user visits our landing page the language will be determined by cookie. Regardless of customerLanguageCode or countryCode. 


  1. Functional cookie in browser
  2. customerLanguageCode  on payment
  3. countryCode on merchant