[New version] Version 10 of the Point of Sale API

MobilePay is releasing a new version of the Point of Sale API. The POS API will be available in version 10 in PROD during Q2 2020.

Version 10 of the POS API introduces breaking changes from v8.6 of the API. The changes to the new API are made to improve the quality of the MobilePay POS clients, to introduce new capabilities for integrators and merchants, and to make it easier to build new features for the benefit of merchants.

Documentation of version 10 of the POS API can be found on GitHub. It’s already possible to begin the integration to version 10 of the POS API in our SANDBOX environment. To get started, read the guidelines here.

So what’s new?

The main change from a merchant perspective is the possibility to do age verification and card restrictions for all payments. Merchants can set a minimum age for payments, and can chose to disallow credit and debit cards. Technically, we also introduce several changes and improvements in POS v10, for instance:

  • Clients need to implement HTTP 1.1 and JSON standards
  • Security setup has changed - No API key and HMAC validation anymore
  • Error messages are more informative
  • Reservation-Capture payment flow is mandatory
  • Documentation is live through a developer website (using OpenAPI standards, see API section) and GitHub
  • Certification can be done through a self-certification tool