[Release Notes] - Invoice API

Removed naming validation

ConsumerName validation (Levenstein rule) was removed from InvoiceDirect valication rules. However, it is still used for displaying ConsumerName when generating the invoice pdf.  


Previously: It required a customer mobile phone number, name and surname to use InvoiceDirect. This could easily be problematic, as it only takes a single letter to change "Jane" to "Jan" or "Rick" to "Rich".  The focus on having the name correct, especially if the customer has gotten married and etc. took time and was prone to errors. 

Now: There is no longer validation on the ConsumerName. The parameter is still required. 

Parameter Type Description
ConsumerName string Required. Full name of the MobilePay user.

All documentation about InvoiceDirect is on GitHub. 


If you are an integrator managing Invoice on behalf of a merchant, please inform the merchant about this. The merchant needs to know that they no longer need to include the customers full name.


Please contact us at developer@mobilepay.dk if you have any questions or concerns.



Common Questions

Where do I find Technical Release Notes for Invoice ?

https://mobilepaydev.github.io/MobilePay-Invoice/release_notes We recommend reading the docs if you have not already, as it includes code examples and further details.