[New Feature] Consent Flow - Include VAT number

New: Authorize user in consent flow using VAT from redirect

MobilePay received feature feedback, that it would be beneficial, if merchant VAT numer could be mapped to the access_token.

This is especially relevant for integrators, who are managing MobilePay Invoice and/or Subscriptions for multiple merchants. 

We have listened to your feedback, and delivered the feature. Read more below, to know how you can extract VAT number from the access_token.  

  • Merchants integrating for themselves should include their own VAT number in the consent flow. 
  • Integrators need to send the merchant VAT number in the consent flow. 
How to extract the value of the merchant_id claim

You should send it as an extra URL parameter (authorize?merchant_vat=DK12345678). It consists of Country Code and Vat number. 

You can find the information by extracting it from the access_token 

If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Common questions:

  1. Is this a breaking change? Yes. It is a breaking change, if the user is going to use multiple merchants. i.e. one user can have multiple merchants assigned.  
  2. Where do I find the OIDC docs? On https://developer.mobilepay.dk/developersupport/openid/ We recommend reading the docs if you have not already, as it includes code examples and further details.
  3. What do I need to change in the /authorize call? you need to add merchant_vat as a query param on the /authorize call. Read more about the authorize call on our docs on  here
  4. Where do I find more info about merchant_vat? Here
  5. What happens if I enter the wrong VAT number? If you enter the wrong VAT number due to a typo or such, then it would fail. We use the VAT number to find out which merchant it belongs to. 
  6. Where can I find the OIDC docs on the Authorization request?  https://openid.net/specs/openid-connect-core-1_0.html#AuthorizationEndpoint and you can search by "Other parameters MAY be sent." 
  7. Why do I need to include the Country prefix? Because MobilePay API's are used in both Finland and Denmark, then there is a slight chance that the same VAT number is used for two different companies. To mitigate this and to avoid possible clashes, the country prefix is included.