[Release Notes] Subscriptions API


We have listened to your feedback and implemented new features for MobilePay Subscriptions API. From now on, your integration using OpenID Connect can utilise the features listed below.

Push Notifications
  • Merchant can now set if the end user should be able to manage push notifications for an agreement or not. If the merchant choses so, then it is not displayed when signing new agreement and when browsing agreement information. disable_notification_management is not required, and the default value is 'false'. 
  • Value: Merchant can be more in control of user engagement
  • Merchant can now set the frequency: daily, weekly, or flexible. 
  • Value: The user gets a more flexibel payment experience. The merchant can elevate further their customers' expectations for simple and seamless payments
Agreement retention
  • Merchant can now set retention_period_hours, i.e. for how long the subscriptions agreement cannot be cancelled by the user, after the end-customer accepted the agreement. This is possible to do for up to 24 hours.
  • Value: Before the retention period has passed, then the customer will not be able to cancel an agreement.
DueDate of Subscriptions Payments
  • Subscription payment 8 days rule validation on payment creation is changed to 1 day. The due date must be at least 1 day in the future, otherwise the Subscription Payment will be declined.
  • Value: The customer experiences flexibles ways of being charged.
Notification about future payments
  • Merchants also has the possibility to notify end users about “future payments” from 8 days to 1 day before due date. On due date all end users receive a receipt for the payment
  • Value: Merchant can be more in control of user engagement
Api differences 

To provide a fluent transition, both base paths have been available. However, by end of 2019, we will retire Subscriptions (Mutual SSL) 2.0.11  

We have deprecated Subscriptions (Mutual SSL) 2.0.11.We are not going to release new functionality to those, who are using Mutual SSL. The features are available for those, who have integrated using OpenID Connect. Read more about OpenID Connect here


Known Issues

There are no known issues.


Please contact us at developer@mobilepay.dk if you have any questions or concerns.

Common Questions

Where do I find Subscriptions FAQ?

https://developer.mobilepay.dk/faq/subscriptions We recommend reading the docs if you have not already, as it includes code examples and further details.

What if I am still running SSL and not OpenID Connect?

For technical questions about integrating via OpenID Connect, refer to the Integration docs on the Developer Portal on https://developer.mobilepay.dk/developersupport/openid/ and if it didn’t answer your question, you can read the FAQ and contact us via developer@mobilepay.dk

Where can I find a list of the upcoming features?


Where can I send a feature request?

Subscriptions is constantly being improved. If you want something not listed already, ping us on developer@mobilepay.dk and we will get back to you

How can a new employee subscribe to these newsletter?

            They can go to https://developer.mobilepay.dk/news/all and use the web form

Which API version status do MobilePay api's have?


Active An active API version is the most current and fully supported API. It is the recommended version to use by everyone.
Deprecated:  A deprecated API version has been superseded by a newer API version. It is supported (bug fixes) for six months from the deprecation date. New apps will be denied access to deprecated APIs.
Retired A retired API version is no longer supported. It includes any API deprecated for more than six months. Any application using a retired API must migrate to an active API.