[Migration] MobilePay will move to a new Data Centre in first half of 2019

MobilePay will move to the new Data Centre in first half of 2019

As a natural step in improving our service quality and supporting growing customer base, in the first half of 2019 MobilePay solution is moving to a new Data Centre.

The new Data Centre will provide more resilient, secure and powerful foundation for our business. We are in a process of finalizing migration plans, and will further communicate the expected transition date.

Please note the following important technical information:

Change of external IP-address range

When we move to the new data centres, our network will utilize IPs in two ranges:


As an external party, you might need to modify your firewall rules to allow ingoing traffic from and instead. Otherwise our traffic may be blocked, and our services stop working. We recommend that you do so instantly. 

Detailed IP address

This is only relevant for you if your implementation is depending on a static IP-range for the MobilePay (like firewall rules, whitelisting static MobilePay IP range or any other explicit static IP configuration)

If that’s the case, in addition to current range, please ensure you have connection opened to the new following range:

DK1 - 

DK2 -

Note: both IP groups belong to 


Test API https://api.mobilepay.dk/hello-public can be used to test connectivity (returns text message as confirmation).

(Please note, URL is meant for connectivity test only and will not represent production state).

The old IP addresses will remain active until we are fully transitioned to new Data Centre.

DNS name will remain the same (api.mobilepay.dk)


We will inform you separately when old IP ranges will become obsolete.


If you have any questions, you are more than welcome to write to Developer Support at developer@mobilepay.dk