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Payment Reference 

If you have one of our MobilePay products, then you can expect to see a Payment Reference in your bank account. Payment reference is a reference that is assigned to payment and is visible in bank account statement when payment is completed and received by your bank. It is usually used for tracking and verifying which payments were received to the bank account (e.g. transfers).

MobilePay specific reference:


PC =

Product code - Products need to identify the product, code is then put when generating the reference.

  • 01 = POS
  • 02 = MyShop
  • 03 = Subscriptions
  • 04 = Invoice
  • 05 = AppSwitch
  • 06 = Online
 RRRRRRRR   = External Payment Point ID (length 8)
  • (Myshop number, Pos LocationID....) - External Payment PointID will be sent in the payload from the product.The external payment point ID must be unique within the Merchant for the payment point. For Subscription and Invoice this will consist of 8 zeros (00000000).
JJJ  Running number (length 3)
DDMMYY  DDMMYY = Date (DDMMYY - lenght 6)

X = Check digit (length 1)

Example03000000000011602193 - which indicates Subscriptions payments received 16.02.2019.

Reconciliation API

We are working on a new reconciliation API. With the reconciliation API, we're enabling you to concentrate on the important stuff while completely streamlining your financial reporting. It will consist of GET requests. 

Please note: our reconciliation API is only accessible in the live environment. 


Thanks for using MobilePay api's.

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