Error 500 of response time out for Merchant - Subscriptions API

Due to migration to our new platform, timeout might occur because of various reasons. We have implemented extra retries in MobilePay end, but that will not solve the issue 100%. We are of course working on the long-term solution. Therefore we recommend that merchants, who are experiencing this issue should implement retry mechanisms as well.

If you have any questions about features, that might be affecting performance, please do not hesitate to write to us on

General solutions
Here's how to troubleshoot your timeout issues:

  • Check firewalls – Check for any firewalls or other access controls that might be preventing your application from connecting to the MobilePay servers.
  • Check your client code's timeout configuration – MobilePay recommends a minimum timeout setting of 30 seconds, even though it expects to process API requests in a much shorter time. 
  • Run nslookup – nslookup can be used lookup and find IP address information in the DNS (Domain Name System). Run nslookup (or the dig or host commands if nslookup is unavailable) on the API URL to which your application and note the IP addresses returned.
    • Compare the returned addresses to the IP addresses listed for MobilePay Server
    • If the returned URL IP address doesn't match with one of MobilePay's servers, investigate further (check DNS, the hosts file, and so on).
  • Refresh the DNS cache – For Java-based integrations, you may have to refresh the DNS cache if an IP address for an API URL has changed. Typically, this requires restarting the JVM/application server (JBoss, GlassFish, etc.). For Java-based applications, you can learn more by researching the class and the networkaddress.cache.ttl property.
  • Determine which servers are affected – For applications running on multiple servers, you can try to determine if the timeouts occur for requests that originate from one server or if they occur across all servers.

If none of the preceding methods resolves the timeouts, contact and and have the following information ready:

  • The nslookup results
  • The frequency, by percentage, of the timeouts. For example, do they occur for 100 percent of the API calls? Fifty percent? 
  • The approximate date and time when the timeouts began to occur
  • Whether you made any network or code changes before the timeouts began
  • The IP address from which the API requests should come