You do not need to declare next_payment_date, unless you know the date for next_payment_date. We do not validate on next_payment_date.
However, it is something that is visible on the customers agreement screen in the app, if you have filled in the next_payment_date and if the first payment date > current date.

We have just two validations for subscription payments:

  • The customer should have at least 1 day to assess the payment, so if you send a subscription payment today, the due date should be at least 1 day in the future (i.e. the 1 day rule).
  • You can send a subscription payments to us max. 32 days before the due date.

So for the next month/period you need to create new payment requests again.


Parameter Type Required Description Valid values 
next_payment_date date   The date of the first scheduled Payment Request. This will be displayed on the Agreementcreation screen and on the Agreementdetails screen if first payment date > current date. ISO date format: yyyy-MM-dd