How can I do reconcilation with MobilePay Invoice?

As you can read here, If you fill out the field PaymentReference, then the ID follows, that you’ve written as a reference for the payment. If you do not fill out  PaymentReference, then it would be the input from the field  InvoiceNumber,  that will be the reference on the payment.

The merchant chooses the transfer type to decide how often the merchant would like to receive the transactions on their bank account. There are two types of transfer types

  • Instant transfers. Transfers are executed for each payment automatically.
  • Daily transfers. Transfers are executed ones per day for all payments per day.


You can choose a reference or ID on the invoices that your merchant sends via MobilePay Invoice. It is possible to do reconciliation in several ways.

  1. You get the status on the invoice through the API. When the Invoice has status paid– then it means that the money has been transferred to the customer’s bank.
  2. The individual transactions will contain the same reference/the ID, that you have assigned, and that reference/ID will be returned through the API.
  3. The merchant logs-in to our MobilePay portal on where you can export the transactions in a csv-file.
  4. Use the Transaction Reporting API.

For example, if the merchant wants to use their FIK-Creditor-ID for transactions, then you simply choose the reference number, which can be the merchant FIK Creditor ID. There are no special requirements for the merchant FIK creditor-ID to be able to use it for MobilePay Invoice.