Introducing the MobilePay 3rd Party Integrator program

MobilePay launched the "MobilePay API - Integrator program" to grow our platform via 3rd party partners. Many companies, such as BillyFarPay and Fundraisingbureauet are certified integrators. They have worked with MobilePay to let other merchants and businesses have their Subscriptions and/or Invoice be easily integrated within their own flow.


MobilePay's APIs and operational infrastructure help partners and 3rd parties to bring various merchants online and enable new types of businesses, especially within Subscriptions and Invoice. MobilePay helps handle everything related to MobilePay Payments, including support and supporting the latest innovative features. have email support, and integrators are also able to reach us via phone.

Support as a learning engine 

It is worth mentioning that our outmost priority is getting you, the developer, the right answer, no matter how you prefer to contact us. We continuously work towards making every part of support interaction better. We see the developer support as an active learning engine. We've constructed internal systems that turn the standard support metrics and KPI's into relevant insigts, that help categorizing questions more effeciently to provide the right contextual information. 

Phone and chat support will be available in English and Danish to start. 

Why should your company be a certified IT-Integrator? 

It is designed so you can help your customers and MobilePay merchants to build new experiences, launch faster, and reach more more customers through MobilePay Subscriptions. With MobilePay's flexible API's, merchants can focus on their product, while the integrator does the rest for the merchant. For the merchant, it means spending less time maintaining payment system, and focusing on the merchant core customer and merchant product experience. 

What do you get out of it

By getting a certification as a MobilePay integrator, you'll receive a certificate to accelerate your and your merchant grow. 

  • Promote your MobilePay integrator with ready made, co-branded MobilePay marketing resources.
  • Get access to our API's, documentation and Best Practices.