How do I go live as an Integrator?

Before you go live, you need to contact to verify the integration

Configuration for production

1. Receive credentials for OpenID Connect from (You will receive the credentials in a zip file)
2. Confirm user for Production Developer Portal here 
3. Create app here
4. Subscribe to API here 
5. Send Redirect URI's to to be whitelisted in production  

Go through OpenID Connect

6. Modify the supported endpoints from sandbox endpoints to production endpoints. Find the supported endpoints for production here 
7. Obtain tokens in production

    1. Step 1: Call /connect/authorize to initiate user login and consent
    2. Step 2: Wait for the response by listening on the redirect URI and get the authorization code
    3. Step 3: Exchange the authorization code for tokens using /connect/token
    4. Step 4: Keep the session alive by using the refresh token

Testing in production 

8. Set Callback URL

  • Subscriptions - read more here
  • Invoice - read more here 

9. Set Callback Authentication Scheme (read more here)
10. Subscriptions

11. Invoice:

  • Get Invoice pdf
  • Accept the invoice *
  • Reject invoice*

*using the Invoice User Simulation API

Prepare for launch

12. Document customer's sign-up flow to
13. Sign-up for operational mail-list
14. Receive integrator certificate from