Why do I need to have log-in credentials for sandbox and production?

We have two environments, which you'll use for different purposes. You'll use the sandbox developer portal, when you're testing. You'll use the production developer portal, when you've completed testing in sandbox, and are ready to handle real payments in production. During your testing phase, use the Sandbox endpoints and your test account details in each MobilePay API request you make. 

The sandbox URL is 


The production URL is



There are 2 types of log-ins you will encounter when doing MobilePay integration:

Log-in for MobilePay - Developer Portal 

  • Sandbox: Invite will be send by Developer Support. In sandbox you will create an app and that will autogenerate another set of credentials (client-id and client-secret) for the Sandbox API - these must be used for authorisation when calling the Sandbox API.  Password for the developer portal is created by you, so if you forget your password, you should request a new password:https://sandbox-developer.mobilepay.dk/user/password
  • Production: Same as for the Sandbox.  
 Login for MobilePay Administration Portal
  • Sandbox: MobilePay will provide you with a test merchant with dummy data. On the test merchant you can set up subscription providers and invoice issuers (payment points) as well as download a list of payments for your product.
  • Production: When you sign up for MobilePay Subscriptions or Invoice you create login with your own e-mail and password. In production you have the same options as in Sandbox

  Credentials for OpenID Connect (OIDC).

These are used to grant you access to the Authorisation server

  • Sandbox: MobilePay will provide you with credentials (ClientId and ClientSecret) in a password protected zip file. These credentials must be used when going through the OIDC process to obtain tokens from MobilePay. The password to the zip file is sent via SMS. 
  • Production: Same as for the sandbox.