How do I create an Agreement, with no payment now, and connect MobilePay to a Subscription agreement?

How do I create an agreement? 

  • You can allow customers (MobilePay users) to connect their MobilePay to a Subscription agreement with a Merchant by calling the API with minimum input fields required. You do not need to know the "amount", "next_payment_date" or "mobile_phone_number".
  • The links are used to redirect user from MP app back to merchant web environment. 
  • In return of the API call, you will get at link that must be wrapped in a “Pay with MobilePay" button.
  • Once customer clicks on the  “Pay with MobilePay" button our landing page determines if the customer is using a mobile device or desktop/tablet.
    • If the customer is using a mobile device, then the MobilePay app opens.
    • If the customer is using a desktop/tablet, then our MobilePay landing page will have a window for the customer to enter mobile number and generate at notification to the MobilePay app. If the customer already have filled out mobile number at merchants environment you can choose to fill out “mobile_phone_number” then this field fill be prefilled on landing page (so customer does not need to fill in same details twice). 
  • When the customer accepts in MobilePay (by swiping) you get a unique “agreement_id” back that you must store along with your customer e.g. "fda31b3c-794e-4148-ac00-77b957a7d47f"