How do we administrate MobilePay Subscriptions?

How do we administrate MobilePay Subscriptions? 

You do so on the MobilePay Portal

Within the Subscriptions product, you can "opret nyt betalingssted" which entails: 

  • upload a logo 
  • register name (the one that is shown in MobilePay app)
  • register e-mail adress for customer support
  • register landing page 


Can I have more than one Subscriptions Provider?

It is possible to have more than Subscriptions Provider. It is up to the merchant.  Before using MobilePay Subscriptions, the merchant must have at least one Subscriptions provider which can be created via MobilePay Portal. Each subscriptions provider contains its own address information, homepage url and callback url. 

HTTP 200 Response body example

     "Id" : "a863d62e-d53b-4651-9b7b-c80792ee1343"        
"SubscriptionProviders": [ { "SubscriptionProviderId": "b45afee5-703c-4136-8f60-162fc01709df", "Name": "Name of your subscription product", "HomepageUrl": "", "CustomerServiceEmail": "", "SelfServicePortalUrl": "", "FaqUrl": "", "Status": "Enabled"||"Pending", "Address": "Your address line", "ZipCode": "1234", "City": "City" } ] } ]


Updating subscription provider

Before requesting payments a status callback URL must be set by calling PATCH /api/providers/{providerId}:

Payment status callback URL