How do I, as an Integrator test in production?

Once you have finished testing in sandbox and the verification, you and MobilePay's Developer Support team need to verify, that the set-up is also working in production. This is especially important with regards to using the right redirect URI's in production, and using the right credentials for OpenID Connect in production. You need to update all URLs and credentials to production values. 

Once you've done so, there are two possibilities, and you can choose the option, that fits you the best. 

Possibility - Test with your own customer. 

1.1 Possibility - Your customer has ordered a MobilePay API product 

If you have a customer ready for MobilePay Subscriptions, you have the possibility to arrange a "pilot" agreement with your customer. In this case, the merchant is already a MobilePay customer, and they just need to select the product. 

1.2 Your customer has not ordered a MobilePay API product

In case your customer doesn't have a MobilePay product ready, then your customer signs up for MobilePay Subscriptions or Invoice in a few simple steps on  and once the merchant has completed the order (KYC / Legimitation etc) we will verify the merchant information and activate the Subscriptions product. 

2. Test with your own account 

If you do not want to test with your customer, you have the possibility to order the API product yourself, so you have a profile in production. The benefit of testing in production with your own account is that you can demo the solution to your other customers, which is recommended. Furthermore, you are not dependent on your "pilot" customer. In this case, you'll be marked as an integrator, and will only pay for the transactions, and not the monthly fee of 499,-