What is the difference between Sandbox and Production?

Sandboxes are isolated from your production organisation, so operations that you perform in the MobilePay sandbox don’t affect your production organisation. The production version of the API provides access to the real customer data, i.e. you will be able to initiate real payments. 

Once you go to test in production, you will use another basepath, the live MobilePay app and a real MobilePay user.

Difference between sandbox and production 

  Sandbox Production
User Test users. Find them here A real MobilePay user, that has downloaded the MobilePay app on their smartphone
Payment limit Same as in production. Read here Read here
User simulation

There isn't a sandbox app for MobilePay. Instead, use the following API's to simulate user interaction:

  • Invoice User Simulation
  • Subscriptions User Simulation 

It processes API calls in exactly the same manner as does the Production environment, except you are not dealing with real transactions

Endpoint https://api.mobilepay.dk
MobilePay Portal https://admin.mobilepay.dk
Supported endpoints in OpenID Connect 
Find the supported endpoints for sandbox here
Find the supported endpoints for production here
Payment Validation for Subscriptions
1 day
8 days