Hello API

If you want to try to call the REST api, then you can try our HELLO API  

What is it? 

Partnerbanks and merchants can use this API to test the onboarding and get familiar with our API's.  There is no authentication here, or a SSL certificate you need to think about. You only need a log-in to the developer portal, and that is it! 

What is the next action?

In order to create a profile, please write to developer@mobilepay.dk in order to receive the invitation e-mail to the Developer Portal. When you've done so, you will proceed to do the following:

  1. log-in. There are two urls: sandbox   and production
  2. Create App: To register an app, On the My Apps page, click Create App.   

Calling the API 

Once your app is created on the Developer Portal and you have your credentials you're able to connect to our API. Perform a GET request to our API endpoints

You'll need to include the following headers:

 accept: application/json
 content-type: application/json
 x-ibm-client-id: REPLACE_THIS_KEY
 x-ibm-client-secret: REPLACE_THIS_KEY

If the request is successful, you will receive a HTTP 200 OK Status Code, and a JSON body:

    "Message": "Hello!"

If you have any questions, please write to our Developer team at developer@mobilepay.dk