It is a "nice to know" information for the customer about their subscription. It is visible for the customer, when they click on "Aftale" under "Betalingsaftaler" menu. The purpose is to inform the customer, what they are paying for. 

What is it used for? It depends on the customer's business model. For 3 Mobile, the plan could be defined as "Mobil and Bredbånd", since that is what the customer is paying for.  

Is it a mandatory field? Yes - especially from a customer perspective, as it is nice for the customer to be able to go into the app, to see which product or plan, they are paying for. It is a required field in terms of MobilePay Subscriptions. 

Are there default values? for example: Basic, Medium, Super? There are no default values. The merchant decides the values, as they know best, what their customer is paying for. For example: a newspaper can have the value "Digital" if it is a digital subscription and "Paper" if it is a paper-based subscription. 

Who can modify the contents? If you have an integrator, you need to ask the integrator to do so. If you are managing the solution yourself, you simply make an api call and update the existing Agreement using PATCH /api/merchants/me/agreements/{agreementId} endpoint to change agreement request parameters.  Its request must match the rules of RFC 6902 JSON Patch standards.


Parameter Type Required Description Valid values 
plan string(30) required Short Agreementinformation text, that will be displayed on theAgreementscreen. (examples: “Basic” / “Premium”).