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  • [Release Notes] Subscriptions

    We have listened to your feedback and implemented new features for MobilePay Subscriptions API. From now on, your integration using OpenID Connect can utilise the features listed below. The release notes provide information on the features and improvements in the current Subscriptions API. 


  • [Migration] Update of system the night between 15th and 16th of May.

    As a natural step in improving our service quality and supporting growing customer base, we are updating our system the night between 15th and 16th of May.

    Therefore we expect a downtime of up to four hours during the night between 00:00 to 04:00 AM (Danish time). As a result will there unfortunately be a delay of the daily money transfer from MobilePay to the business receiver account. We expect all transfers to pass through before lunch time 16th of May, but we do our best to have it done as soon as possible.

  • [Migration] Update of system the night between 25th and 26th april 2019

    We are updating our system night between 25th and 26th of April 

    We expect only limited interruptions in the period between 00:00 to 06:00  

    This is related to

    Please refer to this post regarding the IP changes, to ensure you are ready for the change ahead. 

    We really hope for a smooth transition and the migration to happen in a safe and controlled manner. 

    Please mail us at developer@mobilepay.dk for any queries. 


  • [Changelog March ] Invoice API

    New feature: Scanning QR code with InvoiceLink will open MobilePay Invoice

    We're excited to announce, that MobilePay's own QR code reader can now read a QR code, that contains InvoiceLink

    Keep track of changes and upgrades to the Invoice API. Please mail us at developer@mobilepay.dk for any queries. 

  • Error 500 of response time out for Merchant - Subscriptions API

    Your MobilePay Subscriptions API-based features are experiencing timeouts.

    Multiple issues, including issues with firewalls or MobilePay's server, can produce such errors.

    Implement retry mechanism.

    Read more here

  • Account postings and news about Reconciliation API

    Due to MobilePay payments being migrated, there are certain improvements to take into consideration, especially regarding reconciliation and Account Posting. Migrated Subscription and Invoice merchants will experience that they will start receiving a new account posting text, which is the Transfer reference, they can use when calling the Transaction reporting APIs.

    Read more here


  • [Release Notes] Subscriptions

    Invoices are now available for Subscriptions payments. These will be shown to the user in the MobilePay app. Also we will generate a PDF file that will also be accessible to the user from the MobilePay app. Read more here


  • [Migration] MobilePay will move to a new Data Centre in first half of 2019

    As a natural step in improving our service quality and supporting growing customer base, in the first half of 2019 MobilePay solution is moving to a new Data Centre.

    The new Data Centre will provide more resilient, secure and powerful foundation for our business. We are in a process of finalizing migration plans, and will further communicate the expected transition date.

    Read here for more detailed technical information.  

  • Changelog April 2018

    We've implemented a service for notifying merchants and integrators about status changes via REST callbacks. Users can now get callbacks about Invoice Status changes.  


  • Invoice 2.0 is released

    As announced earlier, we have developed a new version of Invoice, and now Invoice 2.0 is available. MobilePay Invoice gives you the option to send invoices directly to your customers through MobilePay. Invoice 2.0 includes both InvoiceDirect and InvoiceLink, giving you a flexible solution. 

    Read more about the Invoice product here (only in danish), find the technical documentation here and have a look at the API.

  • Pay your bills with MobilePay

    An enhanced and new version of the Invoice solution will launched.
    Invoice has been redesigned based on feedback from ERP, IT-integrators and users 

    You can read more about it here 

    Merchant can create a Link to Invoice that is sent to Customer via email, allowing them to pay using MobilePay.

     MobilePay Invoice - Link

  • Brand Guidelines & Corporate Visual Identity for MobilePay™

    Brand Guidelines & Corporate Visual Identity for MobilePay™

    MobilePay was created in 2013 to address people's need for very simple money transfers, making transferring money to friends and businesses as easy as it is to send a text message.

    Today MobilePay has raised the ambition. We are now offering a whole solutions suite to empower people through joyful exchanges – enabling people, business owners and partners across the Nordics to grow better and stronger relations, enjoy effortless and joyful exchanges and reach their aspirations.

    Design a custom payment flow to match your look and feel, while also respecting the MobilePay Brand. 

  • IT-integrator set-up now live

    As Integrator - they will have the possibility to let MobilePay merchants give consent that they can communicate on behalf of them towards MobilePay APIs. 

  • Release Notes for Subscriptions 2.0.0

    We are proud to announce that we are releasing Subscriptions version 2.0.0. This release entails a breaking change, and it is therefore important that you take action to avoid any downtime.

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