MobilePay Invoice  
Use the Invoicing API to create, send, and manage invoices. On this site you are able to find information about how to utilise InvoiceDirect and InvoiceLink.

MobilePay Invoice 

You can create 2 types of Invoice: InvoiceDirect and InvoiceLink.

The main difference is how Invoice is presented to the user - directly to the app or sent by link and then opened in the app by the user.

As a Merchant do I ...? InvoiceDirect InvoiceLink
Do I want to manage Invoice delivery to the user?


I just want to create an invoice and MobilePay should manage the rest.


I want to sent an invoice to my user, so the user can choose to pay it with MobilePay or with a different payment method.

Do I want to send the invoice directly to the users app? 


I want Invoice to appear in users app instantly.


I want to send invoice as a link to the user by various channels: email, sms, merchant self-service site, etc.

Do I want to receive the payment exactly from the user i set in on the Invoice?  Yes

I want to receive the payment from exactly the same user i set on the Invoice


It doesn't matter who will pay for the Invoice, as long as it is paid on time.

MobilePay Invoice 

The solution in short 

  • The merchant creates an invoice direct
    • Do that through our API with relevant information, name and user phone number.
  • Via link 
    • Do that by calling our API with relevant information without phone number.
    • In return, you'll get a link that must be wrapped in a "Pay with MobilePay" button
    • Present the "Pay with MobilePay button" to customer.
  • User pays
    • Pay now: just click and swipe
    • Pay later: Preview the bill and schedule payment for later date. 

You can tailor Invoice to various use cases...

  • At merchant self-serve sites
    • The customer has a log-in to merchant website
  • E-mail
    • Sent to the user (once you know who the user is etc)
  • Website
    • It is similar to a normal E-commerce flow 
  • In store and/or phone
    • Staff creates customer in their own system and chooses MobilePay
    • MobilePay website opens and asks for the mobilenumber
    • You ask the customer for the mobilenumber
    • The customer gets a notification in MP and approves 

End user benefits

  • Flexibility 
    • User can choose to pay now, on due date or on a user selected due date 
  • Pay in time 
    • Don't miss a bill 
  • Overview
    • Manage and find your paid bills, payment and bill are connected - also after the payment 
  • Convenient 
    • Pay your bill with a "click and swipe"

Merchant benefits 

  • ERP integrated using open API's
  • Flexible API integration
    • fits the needs and meets many user scenarios
  • Merchant don't need to know the mobile number
    • Easier billing 
  • Payment on time
    • merchant uses less time on reminders 
Merchant can create a Link to Invoice that is sent to Customer via email, allowing them to pay using MobilePay. 



The screens below illustrate, how the screens look from customer side 


For further technical specifications on our Link function, please refer to GitHub

Invoice API
When the Consent between Merchant and the Integrator is established, use the merchant api endpoint to enqueue Invoice Requests. The invoice API consists of endpoints for Invoice Direct and Invoice Link
FAQ - Invoice

In this section, you will find the answers to the most common questions about MobilePay Invoice.     

Step 1: Get Started

Now that you have familiarized yourself with our Invoice API, you are now ready to get started.