Step 1. Invoice Getting Started

This guide is designed to help get you started with MobilePay Invoice.

You will be starting off in the Sandbox. Its purpose is to give developers a shielded environment for testing and integration purposes. Sandboxes are isolated from your production organization and give you the possibility to explore the API Platform.

- Common standard
You need to implement handling of OpenID Connect, but OpenID Connect is a common standard. You can find links to the official Hybrid Flow here
- Additional endpoint 
You do not need additional services hosted. What you need is an additional endpoint in your service, that will handle a redirect from our system with AuthCode, after the merchant grants access to your app. You need to provide your own Redirect URL, because otherwise OAuth won't work in your servers. In order to be secure, the redirect URL must be an https. Read more about the RedirectURL here.
- Call our authorization server
You only need to do additional calls to our authorization server, to get access token and refresh token. When you have the token, you will use it in every request to the Invoice API. Read more about this in the following.

Step 1 - Getting started

  1. Sign up for MobilePay Invoice here
  2. Sign Certification Agreement that you'll receive after having signed up (this only applies if you are a 3rd party integrator). Ignore this step if you are a merchant integrating for yourself. 
  3. Receive welcome mail: This will inform you about the initial steps you need to conclude:
    1. Send us a RedirectURI. You need to provide your own RedirectURI, because otherwise OAuth won't work in your servers. In order to be secure, the RedirectURI must be an https. Read more about the RedirectURI here
  4. Receive test data
    1. Testmerchants for Sandbox MobilePay portal, which you can use to log-in and grant consent
    2. Security credentials: ClientID & Secret for Authorization server which you'll use when calling our authorization server (the clientID is usually a readable name, without capslock and numbers). We will send it through zip file by mail
  5. Receive invitation to SandBoxYou will receive an email with an invitation to our Sandbox environment developer portal
  6. Log in to sandbox- Go to and create a new user 
    1. Create app: Next you select your account > My Apps > Create new App to register a new application
      IMPORTANT: Please make a note of your x-ibm Client Secret as you will only see this once! It should be used in the headers of all HTTP requests. 

 Step 2 - Subscribe to API

Subsribe to API's: To implement MobilePay Invoice, subscribe your app to the following APIs:

  • Invoice API
  • Invoice User Simulation API (it provides APIs for simulating user actions)

Both APIs can be found in the APIs section

Next step 

Once you've obtained credentials via zip file, set a redirect URI and received testdata, you can start implementing the OpenID Connect flow. Read more about OpenID Connect and the process  Next Step