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Retrieve transactions

Retrieve a list of transactionsโ€‹

Returns a report of all transactions.


Data provided by this endpoint represents the latest known state at the time of the query. Resubmitting your request might yield different results if additional transactions have occurred during the time between requests.

Request curl example
$ curl -X 'GET' \
'' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer {API_KEY}' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
Response JSON example
"pageSize": 1,
"nextPageNumber": 2,
"transactions": [
"paymentId": "string",
"type": "string",
"amount": 0,
"currencyCode": "string",
"timestamp": "2022-05-27T05:27:12.167Z",
"message": "string",
"merchantReference": "string",
"merchantPaymentLabel": "string",
"transferReference": "string",
"transferDate": "string",
"userPhoneNumber": "string",
"userName": "string",
"loyaltyId": "string",
"myShopNumber": "string",
"brandName": "string",
"brandId": "string",
"locationId": "string",
"posName": "string",
"beaconId": "string",
"agreementExternalId": "string",
"agreementId": "string"
"refundId": "string"