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Transition to One Platform

One platform – more reach

On November 1st 2022 the merger between MobilePay and Norwegian Vipps was approved. We have now set full speed on the transition towards having one joint platform to become the best and most used payment wallet in the Nordics for you as customers and partners and for our users. Early 2024, the ambition is to have one app, branded locally as MobilePay in Denmark and Finland and Vipps in Norway, and one platform with more than 11 million users and more than 400.000 merchants across the Nordics.

Shift to a new API early 2024

To allow for the flexibility and reach that we aim for, we will have to replace the current MobilePay Point of Sale API with new APIs on the new joint platform by early of 2024. This will require a new integration.

One entrance opening for several options

The new setup will offer one entrance to our platform, opening for easier access via underlying APIs to value added services. For instore we will move even further in the direction that we have already taken, towards a much more flexible setup, putting considerable development resources into QR code solutions, which opens opportunities for features such as Receipts, Coupons, Log in and Loyalty to a start.

New integration

We will continually send out information to all existing integrators about the new integration. To read more about the solution replacing MobilePay PoS please find details here. On this page you can also request access to the test environment to initiate the new integration work. For technical changes of the integration please visit the migration guide. As soon as we have more information on the documentation for the new version, we will update these page.