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Getting started

This guide is designed to help get you started with MobilePay Invoice. You will be starting off in the Sandbox. Its purpose is to give developers a shielded environment for testing and integration purposes. Sandboxes are isolated from your production organization and give you the possibility to explore the API Platform.


All merchants should order the product needed on the MobilePay portal: DK|FI.

API documentationโ€‹

Take a look at the API documentation. You'll find it in the API references menu.


Once you have obtained credentials via zip file, set a redirect URI and received test data, you can start implementing the OpenID Connect flow. Read more about OpenID Connect and the process here.

Currently, our network utilizes the global IP range

As an external party, you might need to modify your firewall rules to allow traffic from us from and instead. Otherwise our traffic may be blocked, and our services stop working.