Developer Skillset
To use and integrate the API's requires basic familiarity with software development, web services, and the MobilePay app user interface 

Rest API 

  • Do you know the characteristics and architecture of REST API? MobilePay Subscriptions and MobilePay Invoice are a full-fledged HTTPS REST Api using JSON as request/response communication media. The API’s are based on REST principles 
  • Keywords:
    • JSON
    • REST api
    • Callbacks
    • Parameter validation
    • Header validation
    • Error logs


  • OpenID Connect If you are an integrator for MobilePay Subscriptions or/and Invoice, Connect, we rely on the industry standard OpenID Connect protocol for granting access, due to its simplicity and ease of implementation. Please read our Authenticating with OpenID Connect guide for a detailed walk-through of how to get your application authenticated and successfully interacting with MobilePay’s REST APIs. 
  • Keywords
    • Hybrid Flow
    • OAuth
    • Refresh tokens and Access tokens 


  • You need to know how to up your development environment. An API sandbox is an environment that testers can use to mimic the characteristics of the production environment and create simulated responses from the API 
  • Keywords 
    • General QA knowledge
    • Simulate user scenarios with API, like, error conditions 
    • Acceptance testing
    • Automated testing
    • Analyze processes
    • Monitoring

Authentication (SSL)

  • SSL provides authentication. You need to provide us a SSL certificate, so we can upload it for you. This way you can be certain that you are sending information to the right server and not to an imposter. You avoid this by using a proper Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). A PKI allows you to bind public keys (contained in SSL certificates) with a person in a way that allows you to trust the certificate.
  • Keywords
    • SSL
    • PKI
 What's next?

Let's start implementing! Let's first look at moving forward with the API integration plan