Get Started with OpenID Connect

Before starting with OIDC, we recommend you read the getting started section. The goals of this section is that you integrate via OIDC as fast as possible.  

Follow our step-by-step instructions to ensure you gain access to the tokens, so you can start working on your MobilePay integration.
Step 1. Authorize the app  

In the following sections, the steps will be outlined with an code example. The purpose of Step 1 is to have code returned to your redirect_uri

Step 2. Get Authorization Code

You need to wait for the response by listening on the redirect_uri and get the code. Our system will re-direct the merchant back to the system also using the whitelisted redirect_url.

Step 3: Get tokens  

Once you got the code you can use it to get access_token and refresh_token from the token endpoint.

Step 4: Refresh token 

Depending on your implementation, reUse entails that the refresh_token will stay the same when refreshing tokens. OneTime entails that the refresh_token will be updated when refreshing tokens. refresh your token, using the refresh_token you already got during authorization, you can make a POST request to the token endpoint.

Step 5: Best Practice 

Keeping credentials secure is important. Please consider these safety suggestions when working with the MobilePay platform.


Do you have questions or want to read glossary about OpenID Connect? In the link below, you will find the most frequent questions and requests that we receive from developers integrating through OpenID Connect