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Communication contact points 

Contact point  Channel

Developer Newsletter

sent by developer@mobilepay.dk

  • Channel: E-mail
  • How to: Subscribe to it here  using the subscribe form. 
  • Content: 
    • Release Notes
      • Breaking changes
      • New endpoints
      • Major releases
  • Note: You can also change your subscription there, if you wish to unsubsribe. 
  • Target Group: Developers

Developers are informed within a reasonable time (3-6 months) of the features that are going to be depreciated to give you plenty of time to upgrade beforehand.

 Operational maillist 

sent by 34AZ Operations MobilePay

  • Channel: E-mail 
  • How to
    • Once you have finished your API integration, we ask you to provide us with an e-mail address
    • We will add the e-mail to add to our operational maillist. 
  • Contents:
    • Errors
    • Incidents
    • Downtime
  • Note: 
    • Ensure that the mailbox can be accessed by others.
    • This way, a group of people can monitor and send email from a common email addresses. 
    • Do not reply to this e-mail
    • Let us know by sending an e-mail to developer@mobilepay.dk if you need to add more people to the operational maillist, in case you employ a new developer or such. 
  • Target Group: Developers & DevOps

News section 


  • Channel: Blog Post format
  • How to: Go to https://developer.mobilepay.dk/news/all
  • Content: 
    • General API News 
    • Product updates
    • What's new 
  • Target Group: Everybody interested in MobilePay API's
  • Questions regarding MobilePay Online please contact your payment service provider.
  • Questions regarding the private MobilePay app can be sent to support@mobilepay.dk
Something wrong? Send us a report!

Developer feedback goes a long way towards making our products even better. By following the table below, you can submit bug reports and request enhancements to APIs and developer tools.

Submitting a Report

Please limit each submission to one issue. Make sure to include steps to reproduce the issue and attach any necessary information, such as screenshots and logs. This allows us to effectively distribute information to specific teams within MobilePay. Please fill out the following:

  • A short explanation of what the issue is, for example the error message og steps you were doing when it failed
  • A description of what you were trying to do, before you encountered error. 
  • Copy and paste your API request with parameters
  • (DO NOT include your production credential)
  • Copy and paste a JSON response you received
  • What should happen when you make an action?
  • You should describe how to reproduce the error steps by stepas detailed as possible

Try to be specific and maximise informatively. Strive to summarize the problem in minimum words yet in an effective way.